2018-12-01 - 2018-12-01

The well renown teach Dr. R.T. Kendall is back to teach us the word of God.

Popular in Heaven. Most people want to be popular – but where? On earth. With friends. To be admired. Appreciated. To get their approval.  But I want to be popular in Heaven – with God’s approval and honor.
Famous in Hell. Jesus was famous in Hell. The demons knew who He was, they feared Him. Paul was famous in Hell. The demons knew who Paul was – he was a threat to Satan’s interests. But am I famous in Hell? Am I a threat to the devil? Do I do things that cause him to be aware of me? I’d rather be famous in Hell than famous on the earth.
John 5:44 – MY LIFE VERSE – is huge in this study: wanting the honor from God rather than from people.

Date : 1st December 2018
Time : 9 am to 5 pm
Venue : ICS Church Office Function Room
Cost: Adults/Youth 150rmb, Children 6-12yrs old 100rmb, Children 5yrs old and below FREE

About the Speaker
Dr. R.T. Kendall was the pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, England, for twenty-five years. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, he was educated at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv) and Oxford University (DPhil). Dr. Kendall is the author of more than fifty-five books, including Total Forgiveness, Holy Fire, Grace, The Anointing, and In Pursuit of His Wisdom.