Today’s Sunday Service – 03 October 2021

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Join our online service as we prepare the following online agenda so that you will still be able to connect with ICS during this period. ICS continues to minister to fellow Christians and Church members through our Praise and Worship, studying the Word of God via online sermons (both audio and video), questions and answers, and also prayer requests.

欢迎参加 ICS 线上聚会。我们致力于提供以下的聚会流程,协助你在这段期间连结ICS ,让我们与你同行。ICS会持续地透过线上主日信息(音频、影音)。包括赞美敬拜,读经,问题讨论,代祷,来服事基督肢体和教会家人们。

Today’s Sunday Service

Speaker: Pastor Daniel Ho
Title: How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit In Your Daily Life? (Part 2)
Main Scripture: Romans 8:14, 16

章节:罗马书 8:14,16

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English Service with Chinese Translation 英文聚会 (中文翻译)

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1. 你觉得是什么阻碍了你被圣灵引导?解释我们为三部分组成而存在,特别是在区分灵和魂的组成方面。魂与灵如何能分开,使我们能分辨什么是来自魂和灵的?
(帖撒罗尼迦前书 5:23; 希伯来 4:12; 雅各书 2:26; 哥林多后书 5:1; 罗马书 12:2)


2. 明白灵人(内在灵人,内心)有看、听和感觉的能力后,这如何帮助你理解感受圣灵的提示或警告。解释经文“从他腹中(里面)要流出活水的江河来”,对你来说意味着什么?
(哥林多后书 4:16; 创世纪 2:7; 约翰福音 7:38-39)


3. 通过说明你对生活中内在的感知、内在的信念或内在的提示的认知,讨论圣灵的内在见证是什么。讨论并分享你的经验,如何知道你是通过圣灵而不是头脑来聆听上帝的声音。
(罗马书 8:14, 16; 约翰福音 10:27)

English Service 英文聚会

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CG Discussion Questions:

1. What hinders you from being led by the Holy Spirit? Explain the three-parts being especially in differentiating the spirit and what the soul is consisted of. How can the soul and the spirit be divided apart in order for us to discern what is from the soul and the spirit?
(1 Thessalonians 5:23; Hebrews 4:12; James 2:26; 2 Corinthians 5:1; Romans 12:2)


2. How does knowing that the spirit man (inner man, the heart) has the ability to see, hear and feel help you to understand about sensing the Holy Spirit prompting or warning. Explain what the scripture “out of his heart (innermost being or belly) will flow rivers of living water” means to you.
(2 Corinthians 4:16; Genesis 2:7; John 7:38-39)


3. Discuss what the inward witness of the Holy Spirit is by illustrating your recognition of the inward knowing, inward conviction or inward prompting in your life. Discuss and share from your experience how you would know that you are tuning to God’s voice through the Holy Spirit and not the mind.
(Romans 8:14, 16; John 10:27)

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Weekly Prayer Points


1. Pray for Pastor Daniel Ho, as he ministers to the congregation via online sermon this Sunday. Pray for the Lord’s anointing and Holy Spirit moves among our online service and worship sessions. May we worship the Lord whole heartedly as the He desires. Pray for God’s grace to helps us grow spiritually.
请为 何牧师 于本周日的线上证道代祷。求主恩膏线上讲道和敬拜,圣灵运行在所有的时间当中带领。但愿我们献上的敬拜和奉献都蒙悦纳。求主赐下恩典使我们灵命成长。


2. Pray for favor with the authorities in reopening our church services, for wisdom and cooperation for our church staffs and members, Marriott hotel and the authorities in the preparation and precautionary procedures needed. Pray for smooth transition with administrative and technical set-ups and to be operationally and spiritually ready when we resume church services. We pray that our Lord will guard the heart and mind of our dear brothers and sisters in faith. We believe that our Lord is the one in control, as we await His timing. We Pray for the health, wisdom and strength of the ICS staff team across all ministry work.


3. We continue to ask the Lord to guide ICS Kids Church, Anchor Youth, and Cell Groups online meetings. May His Word speak into their spiritual life and they can have a transformed life. We also ask the Lord to let the family stay connected through the Word of God and also allow the children to be fed spiritually with His truth and prayers. We pray for the right people to be sent to Anchor Youth and Kids ministries. May more children be coming to know God through our ministries. We also pray for a hungry heart for God’s children as we start off a one-year Bible reading plan from July.


4a. Pray for our weekly fellowship to be filled with the presence of God, that our youths online and onsite to be touched by the Holy Spirit and have personal encounter with the Lord. We want to pray that our youth will not fill their Sundays with assortment of other activities but keep Sunday as communion with The Lord and His people.


4b. We pray that His words will breathe freshness to the youths and that Anchor youths are truly anchored in His Word and they blossom and flourish in the Lord. Pray for heart of worship in the youths and commit daily devotion and quiet time with the Lord.


4c. We pray for good parent-children relationship as well as sibling relationship in the youth’s home.


5a. Praise God for good sign-ups of the 3E Social Entrepreneurship Competition (SEC) and mentors who are willing to step up to volunteer. We continue to ask Him for favor as we seek to work with other partners in gathering more contestant teams before the kick-start of the Entrepreneurship Programs in 28 August. Pray for quality partners and corporates to be engaged in sponsoring for the 3E event and deeper relationships can be forged during the process. Our Good Good Father shall supply all our needs according to His will and purpose in Glory by Christ Jesus, may our labor of works truly be the salt and light of this world and touch the hearts of the lost souls through this highly anticipated event on 23 October.


5b. Pray for TEC as we are developing a WeChat mini-program name “BLESS.” With the key objective of building a sustainable 1-stop platform that connects TEC communities, volunteers, charitable organizations, and corporations to a trusted network and combines resources to enable the wider community to contribute, support and do good works in Shanghai. We ask for your covered prayers as the team works on the design, features, functional templates, contents, and many more. Please pray for TEC to have the wisdom and creativity while working with the developers, and for their fullest support during the progress with top efficiency so that the respective phases can be launched in a timely manner. We trust that BLESS mini-program is an idea that is of the Lord’s plan and good purpose to allow TEC to be the platform to bless a wider community, so do pray for key/crucial partnership to support this great cause together with us who will see the common value of this mini-program. Lastly, do pray for protection over TEC as we introduce this initiative to the different partners, for this is a God’s idea and may it serve its great purpose in the city of Shanghai.
为TEC正在开发名为“助福”的微信小程序代祷。其主要目的是建立一个可持续的一站式服务平台,将 TEC 社区、志愿者、慈善组织和企业连接到一个可信赖的网络平台,进行资源整合,使更多的社区能够在上海做出贡献、支持善工。当团队致力于在设计、功能、功能模板、内容等时,为TEC团队在与开发者合作的过程中拥有智慧和创造力祷告,帮助TEC在小程序开发过程中得到他们的全力支持,以最高的效率完成,使各个阶段能够及时启动。我们相信小程序助福是出自神的旨意,能够使 TEC 成为一个祝福更多社群的平台。为我们关键的合作伙伴关系祈祷,使他们能够共同看到这个小程序的价值,与我们一起支持这项伟大的项目。当我们向不同的合作伙伴介绍这个项目时,求神保护TEC,因为这是祂的旨意,要使用它在上海这个城市实现它的重要目的。


5c. Pray for closer integration between TEC and ICS as we strive for the common purpose in reaching out to the expatriate and Chinese returnees community, to continue to pray for greater provision as ONE team, to listen more sensitively in our daily devotional and receive direction from God.


5d. Pray for church members and volunteers who are passionate about TEC (Outreach) Ministry to join forces with the TEC team, for their willing hearts and hunger to serve the non-believer groups out in the harvest field. May they reach out to serve in the different TEC initiatives to fulfill the mission of a family blessed to bless the community and the nations.


6. Pray for our missionary Amanda, who’s joined an organization with a vision for Israel. Pray for wisdom as she studies Hebrew classes online through August. Pray for student visa interview on 2nd September and paperwork processing to be smooth and efficient to enter Israel on 3rd October, as she prepares her study and transition from USA to Israel.


7. We pray for our sisters in Christ who are recovering from chemotherapy. We pray for those suffering from chronic diseases, depression, and difficulties in life. We also stretch our prayers for those who are currently unemployed, under pressure at work, in between jobs, and marital crisis. May the Lord bless us richly with wisdom and in strength, as we believe God’s grace is always sufficient for us! We also rely on God’s love to continue to spread the gospel with family members who are still in sin and of people around us.
为在化疗中的一些姊妹们祷告,为慢性病,抑郁症,和处各样困境中的肢体祷告,也为失业的,工作压力太大的,要换工作的弟兄姊妹们祷告,在婚姻危机中的家庭祷告。求主赐给我们智慧和刚强的力量, 我们相信主的恩典是够我们用的。我们还要用神的爱来继续向罪中的家人和周围的人传福音。


8. We ask the Lord to bless each cell group’s prayer meeting and may the Lord ignite their passion for prayers and make us strong prayer warriors within ICS. We pray for God to hear our prayers as we ask for His grace to be upon those who are sick, facing a crisis, churches, and nations. We shall pray in accordance with the Will of God.
求主赐福每个小组的祷告会, 愿主把祷告的火灌注在ICS教会里。使我们成为祷告的勇士。我们为所有病人,在危机中的肢体并且为教会和国家呼求主的恩典的时候求主聆听我们的声音。使我们做合神心意的祷告。


9. Pray for God’s protection to be with China and the global condition of the pandemic. May God is merciful with the help for the adequate supply of vaccines to help prevent, and spread of the mutated viruses. We pray for peace and safety upon those children and families abroad is entrusted to the Lord.


10. Pray that God will guide as He leads us according to the vision He has intended for ICS to share the good news and be a blessing to the nations. Pray that we will submit to God’s authority, may the Lord provide resourcefully for us as we carry out His good works.


11. Keep In Christ Singapore, Pastor Sandra Westerdahl, board members, church staff, volunteers and their family members in our prayers. Pray that the Church can reach out and serve those whom are lost and have strayed from God, pray for the younger generation to come of knowing Jesus and be able to cultivate the correct values as His disciples.
请为新加坡分会,Sandra Westerdahl 牧师,董事会成员,志愿者以及其家庭成员代祷。教会能为失丧的,迷失的人服事,能吸引更多的年轻人来认识耶稣基督,能培养跟随耶稣的门徒!

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